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Hennepin County looks at wheelage tax

Hennepin County is considering a proposal to impose a $10 wheelage tax on motor vehicles – a funding source that county officials say could raise $9 million annually to maintain the county’s road system.

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Senate changes gears on transportation funding bill

A week after the Senate Transportation Committee tabled its budget bill due to lack of support, the committee on Wednesday evening passed a bill that increases funding for highways and transit. The bill reduces the gas tax by 6 cents per gallon and increases the sales tax on gas at the wholesale level by 5.5 percent.

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Dayton shutdown plan would spread pain broadly

The stark contours of Gov. Mark Dayton’s shutdown filing Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court have sent shivers down the spines of a broad assortment of people who work for and with the state. School officials, social service providers and heavy industry are among the groups that are bracing for state funds to dry up after July 1.

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The battle for how to pay for transportation is taking shape at the Capitol.

In an unusual twist, the state’s biggest business group is close to agreeing with DFLers on their $8.4 billion funding package for transportation in Minnesota. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s position on increasing the gas tax to fund road and ...

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