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Revenue without ‘taxes’

With Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal to place a fourth-tier income tax on the state’s wealthiest earners running into a Republican wall of opposition, any compromise that moves Dayton’s way on revenue is likely to find legislators sifting through lower-profile options such as shifts, fees, tax loopholes and surcharges to close the gap.

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The possibility of a government shutdown looms as time runs out

In the closing days of the 2011 legislative session, Republican legislative leaders repeatedly stated that they were optimistic about reaching a solution to the state’s $5 billion budget deficit. “We can get this done,” said Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch with a week left in the session.

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One-time conservative gadfly Mary Liz Holberg now pivotal player in budget showdown

Just weeks after the party swept both chambers in last fall's historic election, then-House Speaker-elect Kurt Zellers and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch took the podium at a press conference to announce the first-ever full slate of Republican committee chairs. Only one legislator - Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, the incoming chairwoman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee - joined the two leaders in front of the press to speak.

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Fiscal notes, gov consolidation top auditor’s list

A year ago, the Legislative Audit Commission passed over a proposal to evaluate the way state agencies prepare the fiscal notes that have long served as the basis for doing state budgets. One year later, amid a session punctuated by public disputes about their accuracy, the commission made an investigation of fiscal notes one of the highest priorities for Legislative Auditor James Nobles and his staff.

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JOBZ may be out of work soon

Part of Republican Rep. Linda Runbeck's pitch to voters on the campaign trail last fall concerned the urgent need she saw for business tax relief across the state. Now the House Property Taxes chairwoman from Circle Pines is back at the Legislature after more than a decade away, and she is aiming to get rid of programs that cropped up in her absence that, in her view, conflict with that promise.

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As budget showdown looms, Dayton remains an unknown quantity at the Capitol

Mark Dayton entered the Capitol in January owing its inhabitants very little. The DFL governor spent $3.9 million of his own fortune to win the primary and the narrow election in November, and for the most part conducted his campaign with little help from special interest groups or Democratic legislators.

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