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Rx for Dayton: focus on education

DFL gubernatorial nominee Mark Dayton has not had a good September. The Department of Revenue estimated that his proposed tax increase on the rich would yield not quite half of the $4 billion he originally claimed it would generate; when Dayton submitted a revised budget, it got the tax proceeds right but still fell almost $1 billion of solving the deficit.

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Can the DFL endorsement — for once — spell election?

Among the many reasons the DFL party establishment wants Margaret Anderson Kelliher to triumph in both next month’s primary and in the November general election is to finally halt the notorious string of ballot box failures wrought by its endorsed candidates for governor. The last time the DFL endorsement process lined up behind a gubernatorial winner was in the case of Rudy Perpich back in 1986. But that hardly counts, because Perpich was the incumbent at the time, a distinction he earned only after defeating the previous DFL endorsee, Warren Spannaus, in the 1982 primary.

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Much criticism, faint praise for 2008 legislative session

Like a kid learning to ride a bike, Sean Kershaw believes, the state legislative session of 2008 was wobbly but managed to make progress. The session was “a training wheels year,” Kershaw, president of the St. Paul-based Citizens League, said ...

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As dust settles, MN's post-session turnover begins

The makeup of the state Legislature that will sit down for the 2006 session starting in March may depend on what happens in St. Cloud. That’s because for sure one but possibly as many as three legislators will be giving ...

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