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Paper Trail: The state’s $194 million in unobligated funds

There's been a lot of talk around the Capitol this week about the $200 million in unobligated cash Republican leadership asked the Minnesota Managment and Budget (MMB) Office to cut from state government as part of their $1 billion budget-cutting bill. Numbers from MMB show the state has $194 million total in unobligated dollars.

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House fiscal analysis: Back to school for education finance wonks

Estimates vary, but few believe there are more than eight people in Minnesota who actually understand the state's byzantine formula for funding K-12 education. Those seeking to scale the heights of K-12 finance would do well to spend the long weekend poring over a new 60-page report on the subject from the state House Fiscal Analysis Office.

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Pogemiller keeps focus on looming budget hole

Since the close of the 2009 legislative session in St. Paul, the normally combative Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis, has been polite but persistent in his attempts to keep his elected colleagues and the general public cognizant of the economic tsunami poised to lay waste to the state’s general fund budget in the coming years.

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