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Up & Coming: Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy

In his first decade of practice, Andrew Murphy has not only achieved partner status at the Twin Cities’ largest law firm, but he has also established himself as a regional leader in labor and employment law. Murphy focuses on class ...

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Up & Coming: Kristin Berger Parker

Kristin Berger Parker

Kristin Berger Parker takes a holistic approach to her practice of employment law. As an experienced labor and employment practitioner, Parker takes a nuanced view, reminding employers that good employee relations can help them advance their business objectives. “You shouldn’t ...

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Up & Coming: Brian Rochel

Brian Rochel

Brian Rochel enjoys the “theater of litigation.” But representing employees in retaliation, whistleblower, wrongful-termination and other employment cases has a deeper meaning for him. “The ability to be involved in trial and appellate work and Supreme Court-level work … that ...

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Up & Coming: Erin Sindberg Porter

Erin Sindberg Porter

Working and communicating well with others — even opposing counsel — is a key to Erin Sindberg Porter’s legal practice. It’s particularly important in her role as a lead lawyer on two coordinated, consolidated cases involving complex issues in multiple ...

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Up & Coming: Carly Stephani

Carly Stephani

Some might avoid sifting through fire or property damage scenes, but not Carly Stephani. For Stephani, it’s necessary to understand the scientific and engineering principles involved in representing motor vehicle, medical device and other manufacturers in her national product liability ...

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Up & Coming: Ben Wagner

Ben Wagner

Ben Wagner got an early start on his legal career. “My dad would tell you I was probably born a lawyer,” Wagner said. “I’ve been arguing with him since the age of 3. Maybe 4.” Although Wagner didn’t officially begin ...

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Up & Coming: Melvin Welch

Melvin Welch

At 6 feet 4 inches and 235 pounds, Melvin Welch cuts an imposing figure. That can be both an advantage and a disadvantage in the courtroom, particularly for someone naturally inclined to excitability when fighting injustice. But Welch has learned ...

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Up & Coming: Christina Zauhar

Christina Zauhar

Think the Twins are doing well? Meet Christina Zauhar, who has achieved what might be termed a legal grand slam. She has a string of four consecutive complete trial acquittals — not guilty on all counts. Zauhar, who began practicing ...

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Up & Coming: Kristin Zinsmaster

Kristin Zinsmaster

Kristin Zinsmaster doesn’t shrink from the adjective “ambitious.” That’s good. Because it describes an attorney whose list of accomplishments far exceeds the space allotted here. Here’s a sample: She earned a 4.0 GPA and summa cum laude distinction as a ...

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