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U.S. District Court

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Labor – Tribal Business Enterprise

Where the National Labor Relations Board served a subpoena duces tecum on a casino business wholly owned and managed by a tribal band and located on the band’s reservation; the subpoena seeks information relevant to whether the Board would consider ...

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Damages – Remittitur; Copyright Infringement

Where a jury found that defendant, an individual, had willfully infringed 24 sound records by illegally downloading them from the Internet and awarded statutory damages in the amount of $80,000 for each song, for a total verdict of $1,920,000, the ...

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Contracts – Parol Evidence Rule

Where the parties executed a promissory note which stated that it replaced a prior note and all obligations of defendant to plaintiff; the note required defendant to pay the balance on demand in money, not in stock as the first ...

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Contracts – Commissions

Where a broker entered into a license agreement under which it secured trademark licenses for Capital’s products in exchange for a monthly retainer and a commission on each sale during “the life of each Licensed Product”; Capital later sold its ...

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