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Tax Court

Tax Court Digest: Feb. 25

Property Tax Green Acres Petitioner challenged the County’s denial of its application for “Green Acres” treatment of 39.96 acres of property in Medina. The Tax Court held that because petitioner, an LLC, was not a “family farm limited liability company” ...

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Tax Court Digest: Jan. 6

INCOME TAX Commissioner Filed Return Appellant challenged the Commissioner of Revenue’s filed return for her income taxes in 2011 after she failed to file a return, arguing that she was not obligated to pay personal income tax. Even though appellant ...

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Tax Court Digest: Dec. 30

SALES & USE TAX Real Property At issue in this appeal was the assessment of sales and use tax on tangible property sold by appellant to construction company for use in the Medical Biosciences Building at the University of Minnesota.  ...

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