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00-4029Firstar Bank, N.A. v. Faul

“‘[L]ocated’ should be construed to maintain jurisdictional equality between national banks and state banks or other corporations. In order to maintain this parity, national banks would need potentially to be citizens of two different states, since under 28 U.S.C. sec. ...

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00-3250Dye v. Wargo

“Dye has not cited, and we have not found, any case holding that a mutual release of civil liability is unenforceable under federal law. Federal courts have not embraced the view, see Owen M. Fiss, Against Settlement, 93 Yale L.J. ...

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00-492 Alabama v. Bozeman

“[T]he Agreement makes no distinction among different kinds of IV(c) ‘arrivals,’ say, by exempting those that are followed by return within a short, specified period of time, or those that are simply for the purpose of arraignment. Given the Agreement’s ...

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00-2908Heard v. Sheahan

“The district court … thought the date of accrual was when the plaintiff discovered he had a medical problem that required attention. This would be correct if the suit were for medical malpractice. … But it is not; malpractice does ...

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99-8508 Kyllo v. United States

“[I]n the case of the search of the interior of homes – the prototypical and hence most commonly litigated area of protected privacy – there is a ready criterion, with roots deep in the common law, of the minimal expectation ...

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00-2271Wynn v. Southward

“Wynn alleges that he has been unable to chew his food without his dentures, significantly impeding his ability to eat, and that he has suffered bleeding, headaches, and ‘disfigurement.’ These allegations are sufficient to demonstrate that Wynn has a serious ...

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