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00-3629 U.S. v. Jefferson

“Even assuming the confidential informant would testify as Jefferson claims he would, Jefferson has not shown that such testimony would be particularly significant to his defense. Unlike the defendant in [U.S. v. Bender, 5 F.3d 267 (7th Cir. 1993)], Jefferson’s ...

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99-2154 Shasteen v. Saver

“When one contemplates the circumstances of this case, it is difficult to find misconduct in connection with Garnati’s actions… [T]he prosecutor was shown a copy of the note dated April 6 and was told by a confident Mrs. Misselhorn that ...

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00-2432 U.S. v. Steward

“[T]he government argued again that Steward’s holding of the package in his left hand, however fleetingly, the resulting control over it, and dropping it in hope of concealment established possession of it. … The government argues that Judge Murphy’s finding ...

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00-3632 U.S. v. Carlos-Colmenares

“Nothing in the statute’s language or background suggests that an illegally returning deportee cannot be convicted unless he knew he lacked the Attorney General’s express consent to reenter. On the contrary, the requirement that the Attorney General’s consent be ‘express’ ...

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