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99-1964 Booth v. Churner

“When Congress replaced the text of the statute as construed in [McCarthy v. Madigan] with the exhaustion requirement at issue today, it presumably understood that under McCarthy the term ‘effective’ in the former sec. 1997e(a) eliminated the possibility of requiring ...

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00-454 Atkinson Trading Co., Inc. v. Shirley

“Indian tribes are ‘unique aggregations possessing attributes of sovereignty over both their members and their territory,’ but their dependent status generally precludes extension of tribal civil authority beyond these limits… The Navajo Nation’s imposition of a tax upon nonmembers on ...

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00-262 Arkansas v. Sullivan

“The court’s decision on rehearing is flatly contrary to this Court’s controlling precedent, we grant the State’s petition for a writ of certiorari and reverse. As an initial matter, we note that the Arkansas Supreme Court never questioned Officer Taylor’s ...

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