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00-0931 Spencer v. Society Insurance, et al.

Patricia Spencer appeals from a personal injury judgment based on several alleged evidentiary errors. Regal Insurance cross-appeals the trial court’s decision to grant Spencer’s attorney a lien on the judgment superior to Regal’s own medical payments lien. We conclude that ...

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99-1994 Nevada v. Hicks

“Tribal courts, it should be clear, cannot be courts of general jurisdiction in this sense, for a tribe’s inherent adjudicative jurisdiction over nonmembers is at most only as broad as its legislative jurisdiction. … It is true that some statutes ...

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00-1870-CR State v. Ball

Barry L. Ball appeals from a judgment convicting him of disorderly conduct, in which the trial court ordered him to make restitution to a prison worker who was injured while attempting to break up a fight between Ball and another ...

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00-1910 State v. Williams

Shulbert Z. Williams, pro se, appeals from an order denying his Wis. Stat. sec. 974.06 (1999-2000) motion for postconviction relief. He argues that postconviction counsel was ineffective for failing to pursue the ineffective assistance of trial counsel. We affirm. This ...

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98-3021 Paulman v. Pemberton

Defendant’s conversion of his mother’s property is not merely an assumption; it is a fact he conceded in the trial court. As part of the settlement stipulation, he agreed that if he failed to meet the stipulation’s terms, the trial ...

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00-2934 Stroe v. INS

“The Board held that the Stroes in moving to reopen the deportation proceeding on the basis of Adkison’s alleged ineffective assistance had satisfied (1), but not (2) or (3). Regarding (2), the Stroes had notified Adkison with regard to his ...

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