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Not Currently Licensed

To be convicted of violating the restricted-license statute, Minn. Stat. sec. 171.09, subd. 1(b)(1) (2004), a person must be the holder of a current restricted driver’s license.“[D]rivers who do not have a current restricted driver’s license are already subject to ...

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Bargaining re: Retirement Plan

A school district’s selection of supplemental-pension-plan or deferred-compensation-plan vendors is not a subject of mandatory negotiation under the Public Employment Labor Relations Act.“Although we affirm, we recognize that Education Minnesota-Osseo may have a compelling argument to make to the legislature ...

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Multiple Offenses

When the District Court, under Minn. Stat. sec. 609.035, subd. 1, is required to choose between imposing a sentence for a single conviction of a more-severe offense and imposing sentences for multiple convictions of lesser-included offenses, the decision to impose ...

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Res Judicata

Where plaintiff brought an action against her sons in 2005 challenging the validity of a third-party levy, execution and sale; the action resulted in a final judgment on the merits in favor of plaintiff’s sons; and in 2006, plaintiff brought ...

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Advice re: Probation Violation

Where the offender received an EJJ disposition and a stayed adult sentence; while on EJJ probation, the offender pleaded guilty to DWI; at a probation revocation hearing, the offender, on the advice of counsel, admitted to violating his conditions of ...

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Repeated References to Race

Where defense counsel improperly made references to race throughout the trial, including stating that defendant “chose to fraternize with black outlaws” and “black bucks,” “blacks prefer crack cocaine”; and defendant’s boyfriend was a “black stud”; and defense counsel improperly made ...

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Notice of Default

Where a buyer agreed to purchase automotive paint coating exclusively from the seller for a minimum of five years; the agreement required the buyer to give the seller written notice “setting forth in reasonable detail the cause of default” and ...

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