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8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

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Where a defendant convicted on drug charges argued for an acquittal based on the government’s use of convicted informants who were allegedly unsupervised and engaged in criminal activity, the defendant did not show that the government’s investigation was corrupted or ...

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Abortion; Prisoner; Transportation

Where the Missouri Department of Corrections established a policy prohibiting transportation for prisoners who sought elective, non-therapeutic abortions, the District Court properly found the policy invalid under Turner v. Safley, but the court erred in finding that the policy violated ...

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Offer To Distribute; Notice

Where a defendant admitted that he used Kazaa, a computer program, to download and distribute child pornography across state lines, the program’s descriptive fields acted as an offer to distribute the file, so the defendant was properly charged with publishing ...

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Hearsay; Jailhouse Conversation

Where a trial court admitted a recording of a conversation between a jailed defendant and a friend in a defendant’s trial for firearm offenses, one of the statements admitted was not hearsay because it was an admission by a party ...

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Poor Quality Recordings

Where a District Court admitted sound and video recordings of controlled drug buys in defendant’s trial for drug trafficking, the recordings were not of such poor quality that their probative value was outweighed by unfair prejudice, and even if admission ...

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