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The Economist: Legal job market ‘remains dire’

A recent Economist article discussed the “soaring” number of people applying to law schools, the “growing” debt loads of the grads and the increasing number of those grads finding out their expectations of what the opportunities available to them would be ...

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Inverse condemnation claim to go to a jury

The Minnesota Court of Appeals determined that a Hennepin County District Court judge erred in dismissing a company's claims of a regulatory taking and inverse condemnation because the judge failed to consider the language of the Minnesota Constitution, which provides more protection for property owners than the less restrictive language of the federal constitution.

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Lawyers behaving badly (again)

I don’t know if it’s a function of the bad economy or something in the water, but there has been a definite uptick in the number of cases in which attorneys are behaving badly in court proceedings. Several recent cases have involved ...

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