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Feeble attempt at humor post

Celebrity lawsuit watch Bitter Lawyer has the story of the wedding of Journey guitarist Neal Schon and his lovely wife Michaele. “ [I]in order to rent their wedding locale, SF’s Palace of Fine Arts, the bride and groom had to shell out ...

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Can a defendant forfeit the right to counsel?

Tough talk from Justice Sotomayor Slate has a story about traffic stops, before the court recently in Rodriguez v. United States. Author Cristian Farias is worried “Because for an hour, they grappled, interrupted one another, suggested potential rules, posed lengthy hypotheticals, and in ...

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Attempted humor posting

‘Publicly filed awesomeness’ Sidebar hasn’t been keeping track so it will take Above the Law’s word for it that its post has the best brief about dead cats ever. Plaintiff’s counsel, as he refers to himself, was very Ill with pneumonia and ...

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