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The Politics in Minnesota website brings all of our politics and government coverage under one roof: the PIM Briefing Room blog, the Morning Report, the Weekly Report, and the contents of our Capitol Report newspaper.

We believe that you’ll find that no one is covering the Capitol, politics, and public affairs in Minnesota with as much depth as we do at Politics in Minnesota.  We pride ourselves in finding the story-behind-the-story and providing the news that is essential for policy watchers in our state.  Because of this, much of this content is available to subscribers only.

As a Politics in Minnesota Weekly Report subscriber, you have access to its current and past issues online.  As a Capitol Report subscriber, you have access to all the website content (except the PIM Weekly Report).  Capitol Report subscribers also have access to our powerful Public Notice database to search foreclosure information, look for construction bids and other business opportunities, as well as access public meeting minutes, probate listings, and a variety of other public notices.

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As always, we invite you to visit this website often as we continue to add new features and news products to the mix!

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  1. How many full time politicians, at the state level, does Minnesota have. We’re, some buddies and I, having a discussion up here (Manitoba) about how many there “should” be – we have no clue so we thought we’d ask around.
    Manitoba has 57 (+ or – one) full time politicians at the provincial level. We have @ 1.1 million people.

    Do you know where I could go, other than to each state, to find out this kind of information.

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