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Wright, MacDonald and Lillehaug all responded

3 out of 4 respond to MSBA questionnaire for Supreme Court candidates

The Minnesota State Bar Association sent out a questionnaire to the four candidates running in the two contested races for Minnesota Supreme Court.

John Hancock is challenging Wilhelmina Wright. He did not respond to the MSBA’s request. Wright and both challenger Michelle MacDonald and incumbent Justice David Lillehaug did respond.

The questions ranged from describe your education and career background to why do you want to be an appellate judge and what qualities do you believe are most important for that position?

There are a few highlights, or things you might not have known in the answers.

Lillehaug was the issues aide and executive assistant to former Vice President Walter Mondale in Washington D.C. from 1983-84.

MacDonald’s long term career goal is to be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Wright can sing the preamble to the Constitution and did so during the Supreme Court’s visit to the Wadena-Deer Creek High School. (In truth, that fact was posted on her Facebook page. But that page is listed on her answers.)

The responses are here.


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