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Man wins right to speak in Woodbury

Touting a victory for First Amendment rights, the Center for Religious Expression announced that a man has won his battle against the City of Woodbury and its public speaking ordinance.

James Grinols had filed a federal lawsuit after being denied a permit to publicly speak in Woodbury. Woodbury had passed an ordinance mandating a permit for any public speech a few months after Grinols had begun to use public parks and other areas to expound on issues of the day.

This week, a federal court entered a judgment offered by the city, which granted a request made by Grinols that the ordinance not be applied to him, the Center for Religious Expression announced.

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  1. The additional information lacking in this discussion is that on the day James Grinols was denied a permit to speak the city of Woodbury had rented a pavilion in the same park to the local Republican Party. The Republican party then had speakers galore who all spoke without permits. Possibly Mr. Grinols was the only speaker in the history of the city who has ever requested a permit to speak. These laws are fertile ground for mischief. As a condition of settlement the city has withdrawn any requirment to speak in a city park.

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