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There have been nearly 100 bills or resolution against Citizens United.in Congress

Another swipe at Citizens United

MinnPost and the Duluth  News Tribune  report that U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D-Minn.) intends to introduce legislation to overturn Citizen’s United.  Even if it’s a quixtoic mission.

“By Nolan’s count, the amendment will be one of nearly 100 bills or resolutions introduced by members of Congress since 2010 seeking to overturn or whittle away at the Citizens United decision …. But Nolan said he has no illusions Congress will get around to passing anything along those lines any time soon.

“’I have every confidence that, whether or not this resolution can be passed during this particular Congress, I have no doubt that it ultimately will be passed,’ he said at a Monday press conference. ‘It wouldn’t surprise me if it took five, 10 years.’” MinnPost wrote.

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