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Accused of missing deadlines, falsifying documents and lying to investigators

Tax Court Judge Perez charged with misconduct by BJS

The Minnesota Board of Judicial Standards charged George Perez, the chief Judge of the Minnesota Tax Court, with lying to investigators, falsifying documents and missing court deadlines.

The complaint was filed yesterday. The Board further alleges that Perez conspired to refuse new case assignments that further burdened an overworked court.

Perez’s lawyer calls the charges an “honest difference of opinion” and “an embellishment.”

The complaint says Perez routinely missed the three month deadline to decide cases; several times it took Perez up to 18 months to issue an order. When confronted by his colleagues about the delay he accused them of singling him out because of his ethnicity. He told the Board that the delays were due to the state government shutdown in 2011 and a medical issue. He said he did not refuse to accept cases, but rather asked for less to balance his workload.

The board will try the case against Perez in front of a three member panel. That panel will recommend findings to the Minnesota Supreme Court for a final decision.


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