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Minnesota judicial elections 2012

It is Minnesota Lawyer‘s pleasure to once again bring you thorough coverage of the judicial elections, including stories in the candidates’ own words that you won’t find anywhere else. Voters frequently say they have no idea whom to vote for in judicial races, so as a service to the public, we will take down the paywall for our Judicial Election 2012 coverage. From now to Nov. 6 (and maybe later, Minnesota has become accustomed to recounts) our judicial election coverage will be available at no cost.

We will bring you profiles of all the judicial candidates in contested elections using questionnaires that most of the candidates returned. They speak in their own words, edited by Minnesota Lawyer only for length. Next week we will cover the five contested District Court races.

This week, we feature the Supreme Court race, where three incumbents — Chief Justice Lorie Gildea and Justices David Stras and G. Barry Anderson — face challengers. Two of those challengers, Dan Griffith and Tim Tingelstad, are familiar names to court watchers, as they previously have run against incumbents. Dean Barkley is a familiar name in Minnesota but a newcomer to the judicial competitions.

Click the links below for more information:

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Minnesota Supreme Court, Chief Justice: Gildea v. Griffith

Minnesota Supreme Court, Seat 4: Stras v. Tingelstad

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