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The incumbent justices all won their contests as well.

Cutter and Conroy come out ahead in plebiscite


In the election for two open judicial seats in Hennepin County, Elizabeth Cutter and Lois Conroy came out ahead.

Cutter had a hearty 1074 votes to Steven Antolak’s 353.  In a closer race, Conroy received 704 votes and  Marc Berris 645.

The incumbent Supreme Court justices also came out well in the plebiscite.

Chief Justice Lorie Gildea received 548 votes; challenger Dan Griffith received 46.

Justice G. Barry Anderson received 496 votes; challenger Dean Barkley received 99.

Justice David Stras received 474 votes; challenger Tim Tingelstad received 103.

The HCBA plebiscite was conducted electronically between August 28 and September 11, open to all members of the HCBA.  Of 7820 members with active e-mail accounts on record, over 1600 responded, a response rate of 20.7%, the highest response rate since electronic polling began in 2004.  


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