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Incumbents overwhelmingly favored

MSBA releases poll of members on Supreme Court races

Recently, the Minnesota State Bar Association polled members who were most likely to practice in front of the appellate courts and were “the most knowledgeable” about the candidates in the state’s three contested judicial elections.

The incumbents cruised.

  • Incumbent Lorie Gildea received 548 votes; Challenger Dan Griffith received 46.
  • Incumbent Barry Anderson received 496 votes; Challenger Dean Barkley received 99.
  • Incumbent David Stras received 474 votes; Challenger Tim Tingelstad received 103.

The online poll was voluntary and confidential. It was conducted from Aug. 20 through Sept. 3. A total of 1,874 members were asked to vote and just under a third responded.

The MSBA says the poll is not an endorsement, but an effort to make information available to voters. For more information on the poll, head here.


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