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Lawyers say court erred when it flipped $1 million judgment.

Williams asks for rehearing

Attorneys for Jimmy Williams filed a petition for rehearing Monday, Aug. 20. They are asking the Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling in Williams’ case against the University of Minnesota and Tubby Smith for offering Williams a job and then allegedly rescinding the offer. You may recall that the Supreme Court reversed Smith’s  $1 million judgment for negligent misrepresentation  earlier this month.

The petition argues that the court erred in not following the Minnesota Tort Claims Act but instead grounding its analysis in the university’s government status.  It also argues that the court ignored prior case law, and makes multiple findings of fact.

This is a long shot, and the attorneys for Williams know it. But occasionally a case comes along that reminds the court while the rules authorize such a petition, and this is it, they argue.  “[T]his petition represents our judicial system’s last opportunity to right a wrong,” they say.

Query to the appellate lawyers out there:  The matter was decided by three sitting justices and two specially appointed justices, but one of the sitting judges (Justice Helen Meyer) has retired.  So now what happens?

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