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The awards were significantly less that requested.

Redistricting panel awards attorney fees

Hon. Wright

The three groups of plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the recent legislative redistricting plan were awarded attorney’s fees today by the Special Redistricting Panel, but in an amount less than they requested.

The suit was brought under 42 U.S.C. 1983, challenging the constitutionality of the districts, and the court found the legislative plan unconstitutional. Thus the plaintiffs are prevailing parties and entitled to fees.

Each group was awarded $115,000 in fees.  The Hippert plaintiffs, as the court referred to them, were represented by Briggs and Morgan, with Eric Magnuson, had requested $225,000 in fees and $21,000 in costs.  The Martin plaintiffs, represented by David Lillehaug at Fredrikson & Byron, had requested $292, 131 (including fees for out-of-town counsel) and costs of $12,500.  The Britton plaintiffs, represented by Alan Weinblatt of Weinblatt & Gaylord, requested $174,000 in fees and $6,800 in costs.

The panel was headed by Court of Appeals Judge Wilhelmina Wright.

Click here for the complete order.

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