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Brodkorb sues Senate for discrimination, defamation, invasion of privacy

Michael Brodkorb

Former Minnesota Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb has officially filed his long-threatened lawsuit against the upper chamber, alleging Senate leaders practiced gender discrimination and invaded his privacy when they suddenly fired him from his job last December. He is also suing Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman for defamation.

Brodkorb’s attorney, Phil Villaume, announced they had filed their lawsuit in Ramsey County District Court on Monday after receiving a “right-to-sue” letter from the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Brodkorb was fired from the Senate just days after former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch was confronted about having an affair with a staffer and resigned. It was later revealed that Brodkorb, who served as her executive assistant and head of communications, was the staffer.

“Mr. Brodkorb continues to be disappointed that this lawsuit needed to be filed,” Villaume said in a news release announcing the lawsuit. Brodkorb and his attorneys are seeking a settlement from the Senate. “Considering that the Minnesota Senate has already spent nearly $100,000.00 in legal fees simply ‘preparing’ for a lawsuit to be filed must raise significant questions for the taxpayers.”

The 10-count complaint alleges violations of city, state and federal discrimination statues, with gender discrimination being the principal allegation.

“Similarly situated female legislative employees from both political parties were not terminated from their employment positions despite having intimate relationships with male legislators,” the lawsuit reads. “Brodkorb was terminated based on his gender.”

Brodkorb’s attorneys are also going after Ludeman as an “agent of the Senate” for a press release issued in March, in which Ludeman said Brodkorb was trying to “disrupt the work of the Senate,” and “blackmail”‘ and “extort” a payment from the chamber. The lawsuit describes them as “slanderous and libel statements” that have “harmed [Brodkorb’s] reputation and lowered him in the estimation of the political community and the community in general.” That has caused Brodkorb to “incur emotional distress,” according to the lawsuit.

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  1. jasper.berg@iajlaw.com

    The media loves to report how Brodkorb’s unemployment benefits were denied. Because the media continually fails to outline the issue, Brodkorb’s unemployment benefits were not denied because he was terminated for employment misconduct. Instead, Brodkorb’s unemployment benefits were likely denied because of a rule that prevents certain government workers from collecting unemployment.

    For additional information on this, please consider reading my blog posting at: http://minnesota-unemployment.info/2012/05/senate-aide-brodkorb-denied-unemployment/

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