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But others are slow to follow

Dean Barkley takes campaign to Twitter

Dean Barkley, the former U.S. Senator and manager of Jesse Ventura’s successful run for Governor, is challenging Justice Barry Anderson in this fall’s Supreme Court race.

He also might be the first candidate for the High Court to open a Twitter account.

His first Tweet went out Tuesday, July 17:

What a surprise. Congress blocking an attempt to clean up the problems that Citizens United created. Big money stays hidden. ?#DISCLOSE?

So far Barkley has two Tweets, 21 followers and is following 61 people. On his Twitter bio, he writes: “Justice by facts and the law, not partisanship.”

Twitter accounts are the norm for most candidates for state office, but candidates for judicial office have been slow to adapt.

Among the Supreme Court, Justice David Stras recently started an account. He has 10 Tweets, 24 followers and is following eight people. It looks to be a campaign account and he is not following Barkley (though Barkley is following him.)

Chief Justice Lorie Gildea doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account neither do justices Alan Page, Helen Meyer, Christopher Dietzen, Barry Anderson or Paul Anderson.

By all means if I have missed a candidate for judicial office on Twitter let me know and I will add them to this post.



  1. Dean Barkley is challenging Justice G. Barry Anderson–not Chief Justice Gildea.

  2. Patrick Thornton

    Made the correction. Thank you.

  3. Twitter is such a dominant form of communication. It was a smart move to do what he did. Thanks for the information!

  4. Patrick,

    Dan Griffith began his twitter account (I believe) around 2010. (griffith4judge) He has 100 tweets and 52 followers at this point.

    Wade Sutton

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