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The notice about failure to show up for jury duty is fake

Courts warn of bogus text message scam

We know that none of our faithful readers would be caught up in such a scam, but we are posting this as a public service nonetheless.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch is warning residents of a spate of bogus text messages flying around. Apparently some people have received a text message telling them that there is a warrant out for their arrest for failure to appear in court or for not showing up for jury duty. The message instructs recipients to call a phone number and pay $500 to make the warrant go away.

The Minnesota Judicial branch did not send these text messages out. Officials with the courts ask residents who get these messages to call police. Court officials do not contact anyone by text message for failure to appear for jury duty.

As for the Nigerian Prince who will give you millions of dollars if you help him get his fortune out of his native country, you are on your own there.


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