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Enger says, "I need your participation."

Enger is new MSBA president

Routman, left, and Enger

Brent Routman won’t admit to breathing a sigh of relief but that has to be what bar presidents do when they pass the gavel to the president elect.

Incoming Minnesota State Bar Association President Bob Enger will officially take over Monday, July 1 but the ceremony was observed at the end of the bar convention on Thursday, June 28.

The event started out with a surprise for Enger that turned him emotional for the rest of the speechmaking. The mayor of Bemidji, Enger’s home, declared July 1, 2012 “Robert Enger Day.” Continuing on, Enger thanked Routman with the gifts of a plaque and a gavel – and an iPad.  Evidently Routman has been somewhat miffed this last year without an iPad when Enger – who, after all, is working from Bemidji—has one. Just kidding, but now all is well.

Enger has spent his career practicing in legal services in Bemidji, and is the first legal services attorney to be bar president.  He said he will be including his strong interest in access to justice in his bar presidency. “The needs of the less fortunate are not going to get any smaller,” he said. Enger also said that while he would act as a “megaphone” for the members, he also wants the members to speak to him. “I need your ideas, I need your help, I need your participation,” he said.

Congratulations to the MSBA staff for a convention that, as usual, was organized beautifully. Enjoy your day, Bob.

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