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Fired staffer says lawsuits are coming

Senate agrees to pay $84k for first round of Brodkorb legal bills

Michael Brodkorb

A state senate panel agreed, reluctantly, to pay the first round of legal bills to a private attorney hired to defend that body against a lawsuit threatened by a former Republican staffer.

Michael Brodkorb was fired in December after allegations of an extramarital affair Sen. Amy Koch, the former Senate Majority Leader, came to light.

Shortly after he was terminated, Brodkorb threatened a sex discrimination lawsuit against the senate and alleged that he was treated differently than other similarly situated female staffers who had affairs with male elected officials and were not fired. He said he had names and they would come out. He hired Phil Villaume as his lawyer. He held press conferences. It was a pretty big story. It was in all the papers.

During all this, the Senate hired Dayle Nolan, an attorney at Larkin Hoffman in Minneapolis for legal counsel. Nolan is charging the Senate $330 an hour and she wants to get paid.

On Wednesday, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee approved payment of the first round of bills totaling roughly $84,000 for work done through May.

Villaume says his client is not looking for a settlement and lawsuits are coming.

Stay tuned.


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