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One race in Hennepin County now has 4 candidates

Gildea draws 2 challengers for chief spot

The ballot is set for judicial races in Minnesota this fall and there are a few contests worth watching.

All three Supreme Court Justices on the ballot drew challengers.

Chief Justice Lorie Gildea and Justice David Stras actually have two. International Falls lawyer Dan Griffith registered to run against her last week and on Tuesday (the last day to file) St. Louis Park attorney Jill Clark also registered to challenge Gildea. Clark and Gildea have faced each other before.

On her website, Clark has some questions for both Gildea and Griffith.

About Gildea, Clark says:

“Gildea has never been elected Chief Justice. And she has never explained why she is chief justice material.”

She also has questions for the chief justice. Among them:

“Why was then-Governor Pawlenty interested in you as a potential justice? Did he know your father, and was your father a major financial contributor to Pawlenty’s campaign(s)?”

Clark on Griffith:

“Griffith is about the public’s right to select judges by election. And that’s ok. But he has not made a case for him as a leader of the judicial branch.”

Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley will challenge G. Barry Anderson.

And David Stras drew challenges from Bemidji attorney Tim Tingelstad and attorney Alan Nelson. In 2008 Nelson challenged and lost to Justice Paul Anderson. Tingelstad is a frequent candidate for judicial office.

There is also a crowded field of candidates for an opening on the Hennepin County Bench. Elizabeth Cutter, Steve Antolak, Diane Krenz and Deborah Russell have all filed to fill the opening created by the retirement of Judge Deborah Hedlund.

For the full breakdown on who is running, head here.


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