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How to stand out in a sea of qualified attorneys

Personal Branding: A Must for Lawyers?

How to stand out in a sea of qualified attorneys


  1. Personal branding is important for pretty much every occupation these days, as 89% of employers check online profiles of job candidates. But it’s even more important for lawyers, who are frequently the target of negative online reviews. These review sites rank pretty well and if you don’t have a strong personal brand, they will have a large negative effect on the search results for your name and your firm. I am working with a lawyer right now to help her correct this exact situation.

    Anyone can grab a free copy of the #CareerGravity blueprint to help get started with taking control of your personal brand: http://www.careergravity.com/blueprint

  2. Loved your post, Kate! As a former lawyer who now runs a personal branding company, I see the value, for junior and senior lawyers, of what you wrote everyday.

    We find that your personal brand as a lawyer is not about what you do for a living at all. It is about distinguishing the essence of who you are and your relevant attributes (finding your unique selling proposition) and turning it into a “Personal Connection Story” that conveys how you want to be perceived to others. So start thinking of yourself as a brand, like Nike or Starbucks.

    And yes, we find the hardest part of the personal branding process is the self-discovery process: going into those deep (and sometimes dark) places and figuring out who you are and why you are a lawyer and how unique and fabulous we all really are.

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