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Did You Hear The Rumor That Law Schools Don’t Teach Lawyering?

Law school don’t teach you lawyering, so you’ve got to do it yourself.


  1. Good piece.

    The focus on just about every mainstream media article about law school is its apparent failure to train its graduates to practice law, let alone start a law firm. I always found it curious that law school teaches all about the law and nothing about business while business school teaches you about business and something about the law.

    It wasn’t until the recession that the general lawyer model broke, or at least did so publicly. Law firms were generally content to hire and train law graduates, and clients didn’t mind paying for them. But with rapid changes in technology and the fallout from the recession, clients balked. The trickle down is making its way to law schools with firms pushing back on hiring graduates who don’t know how to practice law.

    Makes you wonder why law schools don’t make clinics mandatory.

    And some schools are making changes, establishing solo and small firm incubators or clinics. The ABA should consider updating some of its accreditation rules, too, which would also have an impact.

  2. I disagree – I think law school teaches law students how to think, do, and respond as a lawyer. Unfortunately, I think some refuse to listen or would rather play the victim.

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