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Justice Elena Kagan shares some of the behind the scenes activities of the Supreme Court at bankruptcy convention

Supremes don’t email, but eat lunch together sometimes

Turns out the U.S. Supreme Court justices don’t email each other and instead rely on hand written notes delivered by law clerks.

Justice Elena Kagan recently addressed the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges in Tampa Florida and shed a little light on how things work behind the scenes from who talks first when the justices are discussing a case and that the justices even eat lunch together sometimes. She said none of the three women on the court are afraid to make their voices heard.

Kagan’s first case on the bench was a bankruptcy case and she told the crowd that she had no expertise at all in bankruptcy matters, but was a quick learner.

All the cases we get are hard,” Kagan said. “I’m really just trying to take it one case at a time, think through it carefully.” Over time, she added, “I hope to develop some broader thoughts about the work we do.”

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