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The legal world is getting smaller, and that could be a good thing

Coming Soon: Flat Law.

The legal world is getting smaller, and that could be a good thing

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  1. There are many choices available to those in need of legal help. The choice you make will certainly affect your case. When choosing a Minnesota lawyers, make sure they are committed to representing individuals who need legal help and that they do so in a vigorous yet highly ethical manner.

  2. Great post. And reference to Friedman quite fitting yet not very often linked to the legal world. Yes, Legal outsourcing/offshoring has been gaining popularity in recent years and is playing a part in the evolving legal profession that is being forced to keep an eye on costs. More and more attorney’s and US firms are looking east and primarily to India to get a hold of cost advantages and workload management. It’s not as easy as it may seem – It takes diligence and a methodical approach to ensure its success.

  3. As an electromics Engineer whom has seen firsthand the destruction caused by out sourcing I would always argue with certified public accountants and lawyers about how our industry was b
    eng destroyed by these policies…

    This article shows that attorneys are worried about this happening to their profession… Welcome to the club…So many lawyers in and out of government loved outsourcing and forced it down our throat.

    It’s ironic to read the fear in this article!

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