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Attorney registration fees, constitutional mandates, and me.

Fee increase for public defenders extended, for better or for worse


  1. Thorley Winston

    I’m curious if there have been any legal challenges brought to this. Depending on the text of whatever statute authorizes the Minnesota Supreme Court to set Lawyer Registration fees, I wonder if they may have crossed the line and are in fact levying what amounts to a tax – a power that I believe is reserved for the legislature.

  2. Female Prosecutor

    Amen Leah.

    The worst part is the people actually using the services, the defendants, are constantly getting their “public defender fee” waived. That is a fee of $75, which is what all the licensed attorneys are covering for with the increased license fee. Judges need to stop waiving this fee…it is not the responsibility of the bar to fund the public’s constitutinal right.

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