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Bar application denied for inability to pay law school debt

Law degree? Check. Pass the bar? Check. Part-time job at the PDs office? Check. A ton of student debt? Hold on a minute there


  1. I’m trying to figure out 1) why they didn’t deny half of their new admitees if employment + law school debt is a problem for character and fitness, and 2) why they think it’s less responsible to stick with a real job prospect, even if it’s part-time for a while, instead of joining the masses applying for every other job. It is a weird circular outcome for the guy. Although I’ve decided that in professional responsibility cases that seem to have a weird outcome that the lawyer also failed to cooperate, etc., so I’m wondering if there’s more here than what’s in the case.

  2. Is it possible that this ruling could end up having a racially disparate impact if white students are more likely to graduate with less debt? Could it also be seen as a form of class warfare? I hope that Ohio’s Supreme Court Justices and bar examiners are pilloried for this outrage.

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