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A Hamline law grad is running for Congress in California.It sounds like the race is getting ugly.

Hamline man Van Tran has a plan: Get elected to Congress

Van Tran is a Hamline law grad

Van Tran is a Hamline law grad

Here’s something interesting you can do with a Hamline law degree — run for Congress!

One of our astute blog readers noticed that California Assembly member Van Tran’s campaign biography says he earned both a Masters in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor degree from Hamline. Here’s another interesting tidbit from the site: Tran was the first Vietnamese-American in any state legislature.

Tran is a Republican taking on an entrenched incumbent Democrat, Loretta Sanchez, who has held her seat in the House for the last 13 years.

Apparently the race is a pretty close one, and recently included some allegations of race-baiting over remarks Sanchez made on a Spanish-language television program that the Republicans and Vietnamese were trying “with intensity” to take away the House seat and give it to Van Tran “who’s very anti-immigrant and very anti-Latino.” (Click here for video). Needless to say, using the racial reference has created a blacklash for Sanchez.

And lest you have any doubts about the pure ugliness of the campaign, here’s an ad that Sanchez recently debuted featuring a very unfortunate photo of a scarf-clad Tran looking like he’s sleeping during a California Assembly meeting. Ouch.

Hopefully, Tran’s Hamline training included handling campaign slams ..

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  1. This Van Tran guy keeps spamming me. I don’t even live in the USA, but he insists on emailling me his election updates. His unsubsribe link doesn’t work. I tried about 10 times. He doesn’t respond to his “contact form” on his website.. I wrote about 5 times. He doesn’t respond to twitter. Van Tran is a spammer and a pest.

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