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Sept. date set for Wersal’s appeal

Greg Wersal

Greg Wersal

Greg Wersal and Jill Clark have a date for their day in the court of appeals.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear their argument that the office of Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court should be placed on the ballot this fall at 2 p.m. Sept. 20 in St. Paul.

In June, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis denied a bid by the two attorneys to have the Minnesota Supreme Court chief justice’s spot put on the November ballot.

Wersal and Clark argue that Gov. Tim Pawlenty should not have been allowed to appoint a successor to Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, who stepped down from the high court on June 30, and that voters are being denied their constitutional right to elect the chief.Pawlenty appointed Associate Justice Lorie Gildea to fill the chief’s spot.


  1. Interesting very interesting!

    We talk about separation of power but for some weird reason the chief Justice always retire in a convenient time so that the chief executive can pick a favorable replacement. This is just a coincident I assume as the oath of the office will never allow the chief justice and the chief executive to circumvent the constitution of the state.

  2. Thanks to Wersal4Wisdom to continue the Fight4Freedom Fair Elections MN Const. “If your eligible to Vote *** then your eligible for any Office:
    The License Requirement for the Election of Judges should also be the Same as for President of the US
    The Franchise of Lawyers controlling ALL Elective Offices , undermining State and Federal Election Laws is pervase/fatal to the citizenery.
    Affiant lost the 2010 Primary for AG, Spending only the Filing Fee of $300. re: Separation of Powers In re: Scarrella4Justice221NW2nd562 published without Royalitys
    Judicial Fiat mandating License to vote4 and hold office
    Sharon is not a Liar or Licensed Lawyer on the 2010 Ballot for MN Attorney General.
    David Hoch of the http://www.theresourceparty.org is on the 2Nov2010 Ballot. Thank You Wersal4Wisdom Write in Sharon4MNAG 2010 http://www.sharonagmn2010.blogspot.com
    Sharon opposes ShariahLaw if repugnant to Women
    techinally the Appointment of Judges is repugnant, violative of the State and Federal Constitutions.

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