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But how much do they make, really?


  1. Law school has been a huge rip-off for me. Let me be honest, at the tuition we’re paying, it’s a scam. Granted, it’s very nicely packaged and blessed by the ABA, US News, and the laypeople who still believe all lawyers make great money and that going to law school is a good idea. I bought into it as much as anyone, but at this point I’m quite willing to admit that I’ve been gamed. I just hope that my profs and the dean are really enjoying their sailboats and trips to Vail.

  2. Member of UMN 2009

    I was stupid and believed that lie that higher education was useful. I’m not just talking about LS but also UG. I would have been far better off just trying to start work after HS.

  3. I agree that law school tuition is a rip off as much as everyone else. But 100K in law school debt will only cost around $15K a year in interest and principal – assuming a 10 year payoff. Pretty sure you can live quite comfotability on $80-90K with $30K going to taxes and $15k going to student loans, leaving you with $35K-45K in money to live off of. I’m not saying there are lots ok $80K+ jobs for lawyers right now, but making over $100K and saying their loans are forcing them into financial hardship is crazy.

  4. Lol @ there being 80k/yr jobs out there for more than a microscopic smidgen of recent grads. There aren’t even nearly enough 40k/yr legal jobs out there for all of the graduates of the four law schools in the state.

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