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On lawyers and naked bike races

I wasn’t quite sure what to make out of the story in this morning’s Star Tribune about the lawyer picked up for indecent exposure after what appears to have been an ill-advised bike ride near Calhoun Parkway. (See “Cyclist arrested while training for naked bike race, police say“.)

Lest you think the lawyer was caught completely with his pants down, the Strib’s source says officers reported the man “was wearing a skirt-like garment or a pair of shorts with the crotch area removed.” The alleged incident happened yestereday at about 6 a.m. I suppose the one thing the gentleman can be grateful for is that the test run for the naked bike race was not conducted today, given the record cool temperatures forecasted

The lawyer reportedly paid bail of $50 and has a court date on July 30, at which point he claims the full truth will be exposed. “The charges are ridiculous, and the facts will come out in court,” he told the Strib.

We at the MinnLawyerBlog will reserve judgment on what actually happened until the judge has had a chance to get to the bottom of this.

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